Arise Magazine Fashion Week 2011 The Show




Sheer intelligence and creativity depicted by some of the designers exhibiting for day two was one of the items served at the weeklong Arise Magazine Fashion Show.

Maki Oh, a young emerging designer had a peaceful tone to her collections from the angelic Grecian sandals and the short white loose dresses to the choice of music and the nude look her models portrayed.

Her artistic approach towards her collection was brilliant.

Other designers that depicted such genius are the Okunoren twins  who literally kept the crowd aloft with excitement at the drama displayed on the stage in which they had two hooded men lead the way as the models displayed their collections and their dramatic pose for the camera as they ended.

Their collections were bespoke; the Moroccan Amine Bendriouich Couture & BS pulled the sunglasses look fairly well with his collection. His use of tuxedo fabric and jersey were exceptional as well as Liberian Korto Momolu (pronounced cut-toe mo-mo-lu) in her carefree-themed collections consisting of flowing gowns with sequined knits and floral patterns.

Buki Akib brought back the Fela era in her collection as the male models paraded in the juju maestro inspired outfits.

The other item being the ability to surprise the throngs that came to watch the show with something totally different from what these fashion thirsty guests would have expected to see. ”  Read more reviews of the show here

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