Adiat Disu along with West African designer Ituen Basi, East African designer Ally Rehmtullah  and Founder of Africa’s first Fair Trade Certified apparel factory Chid Liberty of  Liberty & Justice spoke about challenges and opportunities related to Africa’s emerging retail culture and fashion goods during the 15th Annual Harvard Africa Business Conference.

The lecture titled “The Economics of the African Fashion Industry: Current Opportunities & Challenges” explored the African fashion industry by thoroughly examining each step of the value chain, current incentives and key considerations around local versus outsourced production to achieve cost competitiveness.

“In order for African Fashion to succeed the fabric of Africa’s manufacturing and supply chain , the thread of Marketing and Public Relations and the pattern of retail must be adapted to fit the needs of emerging designers from Africa” states Disu.

“With the motto: Luxury Brands Focused Globally, Adirée TM has focused on re-branding Africa, as a destination for luxury brands, and has taken exclusive brands from Africa and placed them on nationally esteemed and recognized platforms via placements in distinguished media outlets like CNN, Elle, Washington Post, Huffington Post, and more,” says Disu.

Through partnerships, quality productions, campaigns, and media placements Adirée is establishing the way consumers should view products from Africa (i.e. Made in Angola, Made in Zimbabwe, or Made in Nigeria).  Using communication strategies such as  hosting international “Africa Fashion Weeks” ignited a trend, via Adiree’s original concept of establishing and hosting African Fashion Weeks throughout fashion capitals thus birthing Africa Fashion Week New York |  London | Paris | Milan | Berlin | Tokyo.


Source: AFWNY



Adirée, the parent company and producer of Africa Fashion Week New York (AFWNY) launched a photo campaign themed “Luxury Untamed”.  Luxury Untamed, features designers who have taken the initiative to showcase luxury fashion as it relates to global influences,  but influences mainly from Africa. 

AFWNY, a luxury multi-day event produced by Adirée, will take place at the Broad Street Ballroom on July 12th, 13th, 14th in New York City’s financial District.  For more info including schedule of events please visit



On Wednesday, June 6 Adiat Disu of Adiree PR, the producers of Africa Fashion Week spoke at the United Nations 799 UN Plaza New York,  NY 10017, to women delegates from various African countries within the sector subgroup of textiles and trade.

“I  am humbled to have been selected to speak to and touch the lives of  African Women Delegates at the United Nations today, during the African Women Entrepreneurship Program, amongst great fashion figures like Diane von Fürstenberg and many others.  I am also grateful to organizations such as USAID/Origin Africa  who we partner with to push and facilitate fashion-related business between Africa and the US.  Many  of these women have what it takes to drive their businesses  internationally, let alone be the driving force behind both economies  (United States and Africa). [Laughs and Sighs] Women… we tend to have that power.”  Adiat Disu

Adiree, the producers of Africa Fashion Week in New York, have runway shows scheduled for July 12, 13, 14. For more information on Africa Fashion Week and designers showcasing please visit

Adiree Showroom Launch Event

At 7pm June 2nd I arrived  at  128 Spring Street Molton Brown’s SOHO boutique. Guests, (the who’s who of Afropolitan chic), were greeted by the pleasant aroma of sweet exotic spices in the air, and gorgeous models adorned in stunning gowns. In between sips of fine wine the well heeled guests discussed the state of affairs of all things high fashion.  This was the scene at the Adiree Molton Brown Launch event for African Fashion Week New York July 11-17th.  Runway shows will be held at the Broad Street Ballroom July 14-16th.

A Preview of whats to come at African Fashion Week New York; the featured designers  were Washington Roberts,  BeBeGrafiti, Kachi, Fikirte Addis and others.  These exclusive designs which before now were only available to the well connected were on display for all to admire.  Adiat Disu was the gracious host as she maneuvered in a custom made design by Tori Famuyiwa,  (former creative directive for Victoria Secret and designer for American Eagle now the Executive Style Director of African Fashion week).

Around 9pm guests were still arriving as I said my goodbyes and made my way to the exit.   As I headed toward the subway my heart began to flutter at the thought of  all the delights AFWNY will bring….. stay tuned!



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