I adore this collection! It has a wonderful mix; fresh, edgy, youthful, yet sophisticated.  The color palette EXQUISITE!! Washington Roberts has the ability to take creative risk with color and form while remaining within the realm of practicality.  He knows what women want!

The inspiration for Washington Roberts Spring Summer 2013 collection came from The Sapeurs of Congo along with his trip to Curacao. The designer wanted to convey what a modern woman would wear if she were a Sapeur visiting or living in Curacao, by creating beautiful harmonies from combination of vibrant colors, with cerulean blue, orange, seafoam, baby Pink, yellow, wine red, and cyclamen.

Btw: Shoes are by Toy Gal

Phote Credit: JC Cerilla for Washington Roberts



By Misha’s twelve piece spring/summer 2013 collection, “Wishing Well”, was inspired by spring’s first blooms and defined by flowing chiffon, satin, and brocade in shades of honeysuckle, mint, marmalade and crème brûlée.  BEAUTIFUL at first glance..STUNNING once your eyes feast on the intricate design.  From the mustard brocade jacket, adorned with pearl flowers , to the three-quarter mint chiffon cocktail dress with sequins; designer Misha Vaidya was all about the details.


By Misha S/S 2013 NYFW “Wishing Well” Presentation from Danika Daly PR on Vimeo.

Photo Credit: By Misha


The 54 Kingdoms label was founded with a concept to infuse cultural pride and inspire through fashion.  Creative directors Nana Poku and Kwaku Awuah spend a lot of time researching historical context to make sure each of their designs encompass a cultural element.   I love the concept and anyone who knows the designers know they are passionate about inspiring and uplifting.  Their latest brand offerings stay true to this concept;  the sankofa handbags have the adinkra symbol engraved into the material & ”Africana Delight”, the name given to the women’s tops and skirts, feature ankara print details. 

While the concept is solid the actual execution of the designs left much to be desired.  The color combinations were peculiar as were the fabric choices and the fit.   The dopest, (yeah it’s a word today), pieces in the collection were the Bonoman belts.  I would love to see the label research design and history in equal measure to create a collection that’s not only culturally rich but also fashionable.

Photo Credit: 54 Kingdoms


The William Okpo Spring/Summer 2013 collection was fresh, it creatively “illustrates the unique aesthetic that results from the juxtaposition of the immigrant’s sense of style against American cultural sensibilities,”.  The denim and cotton jumpsuits played up the masculine element, which contrast perfectly with polka dot blouses and full layered skirts.  The braided cords woven into corset tops and pants added nice detail to the designs.  Relaxed, comfortable, effortless, it was dope.

The shoes were designed by Namibian brand Schier shoes, get a glimpse below.

Photo Credit: HighSnobette,



Stepford wives and adolescent eyes will love Alice + Olivia’s spring/summer 2013 collection.  It was all about darling blue, coral and pink dresses inspired by the American 1950’s.   The designer kept it a bit interesting by mixing elegant embroideries, beaded lace, metallic knits and bold graphics.






Photo Credit: Alice + Olivia


Fun brightly colored jersey dresses and prints, “These are relaxed, comfortable clothes. Easy on, easy off.”  -Stephen

Enough said… :-)

Photo Credit: Stephen Burrows/ Thomas Iannaccone


“The starting point was the beach — from the collection’s color palette, which consists of Ocean Mist, Green Coral, White Yacht, Sand and Sun –to the spare, no-frills silhouettes. We wanted the kind of easy, flowy pieces women can throw in their suitcases when traveling to the beaches of Malibu, Mombasa or St. Barts.” -Idyl Mohallim

The easy flowing pieces Idyl speaks of are lovely silk dresses, wide legged trousers, & light as air organza tops.  Viewing the collection I could definitely imagine myself walking along the beach holding my lovers hand as the salty ocean air blows  across my sun kissed faced and through  my luxurious XQ cuticle remy..



“I was influenced by Gauguin’s paintings. I love the orange and the salmon color he punctuates in his paintings.  Some of them are dark, murky colors, and then you see the orange over here and the corals.  I think his use of color is beautiful, so that was the beginning of the inspiration.” - Laura Smalls

Whether designing for the sophisticated woman attending a business meeting, the fashionista going for cocktails after work or the phenomenal woman supporting her significant other at a national convention (ala Michelle Obama), Laura Smalls covered all the bases in her spring summer 2013 ready to wear collection view my favorite looks below.

Photo Credit: Rodin Banica



Imagine going to a concert and watching Michael Jackson moonwalk for an hour and a half, it’s great but you know that he has so much more to offer.  That’s the feeling I got viewing Laquan Smith’s Spring 2013 presentation.  While I adore Laquan Smith I do wish for more than a serenade of peek-a-boo dresses, hot pants, metallic skirts & crop tops.

Laquan says: “This collection is like a rebirth for me. I have traveled to Botswana, Lagos, Nigeria, the British Virgin Islands and Jamaica all in the past few months. Traveling always inspires me from the people I meet to the food to the scenery. The collection is honoring those tranquil places around the world that we often take for granted.”

This designer is known for creating bold & sexy looks for confident daring women, but when he misses the mark the looks become tragically audacious and tacky.  Mr. Smith is not by any means a mediocre designer Laquan has created collections like THIS  and THIS so it’s definitely not a matter of talent more so a matter of taste.  (Sigh) But this is just my opinion and means absolutely nothing to his celebrity clientele who come out in droves to glimpse his latest designs; June Ambrose, Deborah Cox, Gabrielle Union, and Serena Williams may beg to differ.







Photo Credit: RollingOut.com


We love the feminine touch Rachel brings to her ready to wear collections each season, but there is a fine balance between being consistant and being wearisome.  The only truly interesting piece was the skull and bird patterned jumpsuit, otherwise Rachel Roy gave us chiffon dresses, blouses, and trousers for Spring/Summer 2013…

Photo Credit: Rachel Roy