Stoned Cherrie is currently one of the hottest South African labels, it  is “an African lifestyle brand that is expressive of urban culture in South Africa. The brand was started in an effort to represent afro-urban culture by creating a platform for self expression.” It’s bold yet feminine.  Stylish yet wearable. Old, new and futuristic simultaneously,  it is a amass of pleasantly creative contradictions.  

Stoned Cherrie recently partnered with Fochini to create The Love Movement, an affordable and easily accessible clothing line that consist of signature t-shirts, dresses and other accessories.  However, the label is still primarily only sold in Johannesburg, and Cape Town so if your looking for designs like the ones featured below you better start racking up on your frequent flyer miles.  Here are some designs from the Spring Summer 2011 collection

 Photos: Simon Deiner/ SDR  

Naked Ape Style FW 2010/2011

A good appearance can create an entry; a great appearance can construct your success in business and social relationships,” – Shaldon Kopman, proprietor and fashion director of Naked Ape Style.  Naked Ape Style is a menswear bespoke  fashion and consulting firm that prides itself on establishing an elite service that assists in enhancing an individuals unique stlye and image.  The Fall 2010 collection is full of personality, versatility, and  leather.

Clive Rundle A/W 2011

Clive Rundle’s Braille inspired Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection couples bold, strong construction with the soft gentle fabrics of cotton and silk. The bold yet beautiful contrast that he creates in this collection remains true to the labels uncanny design aesthetic. The most interesting aspect of the runway show were the beads of white blinders he used to accessorize each outfit. What is so original about these beads is that they are known as something a sangoma or traditional medicine man would wear. What a surprise to find them on the runway.