I first heard the name about a year ago while speaking to Joshua Kissi, of the popular menswear style blog Street Etiquette , after a runway show in New York.. Joshua was gushing about how amazing this London based Ghanian designer by the name of Ozwald Boateng was.   I was unfamiliar with the name, (gasp!), I know it was shameful. So I began researching and Ozwald Boateng quickly became my obsession …He is undeniably one of fashion’s most dynamic and exciting talents.

Earlier this month a film based on the life of Ozwald Boateng hit UK theaters!!! I cannot wait to feast my eyes upon it.  Here’s a sneak peek..

14 years in the making, Varon Bonicos’s documentary “A Man’s Story”, follows Boateng’s day-to-day life..  The film includes appearances from some if his celebrity clientele,  Jamie Foxx, Spike Lee, Richard Branson, Will Smith, & Prince Charles  and endearing commentary from his parents as well as his mentor Giorgio Armani, it offers a rare glimpse into the life of the most successful Ghanian designer of our time. 

Ozwald Boateng