Founded by Lagos-born fashion designer Folake Folarin-Coker in 1998, Tiffany Amber specializes in couture as well as casual fashion wear.  As part of their global expansion plans, the Nigerian label is going to unveil its Spring/Summer 2013 collection ‘Rhythm of Africa’ at Italy’s premiere department store chain La Rinascente.   In addition to Italy, the brand is also launching its ready-to-wear collections at Ghana’s upmarket boutique, Viva, and Cape Town’s high-end salon store Merchants on Long. 

This is exciting news for brand lovers I’ll be even more excited once the label lands in New York, Los Angeles & Miami.


Source: Onobello


The latest JBL collection is simply beautiful it featured Fulani earrings sewn onto classic silhouettes, flowing gowns, and cocktail dresses designed in true Jewel by Lisa fashion mixed with fresh vibrant prints that I love.   This season Lisa Folawiyo has extended her signature brand to include a line of shoes which debuted at Lagos Fashion and Design Week

Sidebar:  I am on the prowl for my New Years Eve attire I will be eyeing some JBL designs so let’s just pray that there is a NYC showroom still standing. 




Photo Credit: Insigna


Bridget Awosika  masterful eye focused on elegance and subtle details for the spring/summer 2013 collection as shown at Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2012.  I love the way Awosika utilizes asymetry to create a bit of drama against a cool color palette, the end result, beautifully executed designs.  Absolutely sexy, absolutely sophisticated, absolutely gorgeous, reminiscent of a summer night in Paris.      

Photo Credit: Insigna


The Coccolily label showcased fun, flirty dresses and skirts in rich caramel and chocolate tones at Ghana Fashion and DesignWeek. Gorgeous!!

“My designs are a mixture of different types of inspiration. Culture, lifestyle, food, travel experiences and conversations with people I meet along the way all serve as starting points for my pieces. My life unfolds all over the world and my designs are a reflection of everything that I absorb and discover.” –Naana Tenachie Yankie



 Photo Credit: Coccolily




“My collection is called ‘Uptown Africa’ I wanted to create a look for the new generation of girls and women who wants to embrace the African prints. It is chic and feminine, with girls cuts. I observed what the girls wore in the Chelsea area of London and I thought they were missing some colors…”Tina Lobondi

Beautiful in every way Tina Lobondi’s  Spring/Summer 2013 collection focused on creating chic designs while paying exceptional attention to details. Choosing the finest fabrics and materials from all around the world, Mauritania to Paris and London Tina incorporates her Congolese heritage into each design.


Photo Credit: AllAfricaFashion




I adore this collection! It has a wonderful mix; fresh, edgy, youthful, yet sophisticated.  The color palette EXQUISITE!! Washington Roberts has the ability to take creative risk with color and form while remaining within the realm of practicality.  He knows what women want!

The inspiration for Washington Roberts Spring Summer 2013 collection came from The Sapeurs of Congo along with his trip to Curacao. The designer wanted to convey what a modern woman would wear if she were a Sapeur visiting or living in Curacao, by creating beautiful harmonies from combination of vibrant colors, with cerulean blue, orange, seafoam, baby Pink, yellow, wine red, and cyclamen.

Btw: Shoes are by Toy Gal

Phote Credit: JC Cerilla for Washington Roberts



Morts and More’s presentation at Ghana Fashion And Design Week was about adding interesing elements to tailored mens looks.  Choosing to focus on chic details and color made the looks quite….unique. 

Photo Credit: SwitSalone




Admittedly I had never heard of this designer until, well a few days ago when she was introduced at Ghana Fashion and Design Week (GFDW).  GFDW does an excellent job at introducing emerging fashion designers to a global audience. Mimi Hassan of the label Mimi-Lee London is definitely one to watch.  If you, like me aren’t familiar with this designer’s label you’re probably wondering what type of girl wears Mimi-Lee London..

Mimi Hassan playfully describes the Mimi-Lee London girl:

She aspires to or already lives at the upper west end of London!
Gets her coffee/latte at the starbucks three blocks away from her apartment.

While waiting on the side walk for a black cabbie, a quick glimpse at her local Magazine stand for that pocket sized edition of Elle.

Going through her PDA, looking for which invitations she must accept and which to decline. Giving her, that very perfect opportunity to play dress up in her gorgeous outfits.

To an on looker, who is constantly intrigued by this type of female? He perceives her to be, a high maintenance, glamorous and unattainable girl.

Little does he know… He is only referring to her inner alter ego!

Enter Mimi-Lee London’s spring/summer 2013 “Skin” collection featuring one piece pant suits, delightful silk dresses in Japanese hand painted floral prints and edgy black cutout mini dresses.  The label understands that a fashionista needs an assortment of looks in her wardrobe that will compliment her busy schedule and designs to ensure that she has the perfect attire available for any occassion.

Photo Credit: Insigna, Haute Fashion Africa



Eki Orleans’ spring/summer 2013 collection turned to nature for inspiration.  The collection titled “Butterflies”, is one that highlights the talent of designer Hazel Aggrey-Orleans to create beautiful clothing that allows the colorful goddess in all women to shine.

“It is the soft innocence and gracefulness of [butterflies] that I tried to capture in my SS13 collection. We used a lot of white fabrics to showcase the purity, against the vivid orange and fuchsia colors, which for me, beautifully portrays the energy that is brought to us through the wisdom of these delicate creatures. We often forget what changes they have gone through to blossom to that beauty and I wanted to create pieces that were pure and angelic.” -Hazel Aggrey-Orleans

Hazel’s “Butterflies” are also super sexy




Photo Credit: Eki Orleans



By Misha’s twelve piece spring/summer 2013 collection, “Wishing Well”, was inspired by spring’s first blooms and defined by flowing chiffon, satin, and brocade in shades of honeysuckle, mint, marmalade and crème brûlée.  BEAUTIFUL at first glance..STUNNING once your eyes feast on the intricate design.  From the mustard brocade jacket, adorned with pearl flowers , to the three-quarter mint chiffon cocktail dress with sequins; designer Misha Vaidya was all about the details.


By Misha S/S 2013 NYFW “Wishing Well” Presentation from Danika Daly PR on Vimeo.

Photo Credit: By Misha